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  • Bloody nurse make up kit
    Package contains:
    Nurse head piece
    Black & white face paint
    1 x Sponge
    Bloody scab blood
    1 x Applicator
    NZ$ 8.90 22cmx20cm
  • Pirate makeup tray
    With this pirate makeup kit, people will be afraid you will steal their candy this Halloween.
    NZ$ 4.90 22cmx10cm
  • Deluxe zombie makeup kit
    1 x prosthetic
    1 x stipple sponge
    1 x zombie makeup palette
    Spirit gum
    Spirit gum remover
    1 x Sponge
    NZ$ 14.90 28cmx23cm
  • Glow in the dark make up kit
    Makeup glows super bright in the dark or under black light.
    NZ$ 9.90 27cmx22cm
  • Hole in the head make up kit
    This Hole in the Head Victim Horror Halloween Special FX kit is easy to use to add some gore to your costume.
    NZ$ 9.90 22cmx20cm
  • Horror make up palette
    1 x 8 colour horror paint pallete
    1 x applicator
    1 x Sponge
    NZ$ 9.90 22cmx20cm
    Out Of Stock
  • Monster make up kit
    Soft flexible horror teeth
    2 x bolts for neck
    Theatrical face putty
    1 x paint brush
    1 x make up palette
    1 x Sponge
    NZ$ 11.90 22cmx20cm
  • Pirate tattoos and scab blood kit
    This awesome Pirate Bloody Scab Tattoo and Make Up Kit is the perfect addition to a gruesome Halloween costume
    NZ$ 4.90 22cmx20cm
  • Pop art zombie makeup kit
    1 x Make up pencil
    1 x sponge
    4 colour make up
    1 x paint brush
    NZ$ 9.90 22cmx20cm
  • Scary tales ghostly white make up kit
    This kit will help transform you and or your little cutie in to a scary ghost.
    NZ$ 9.90 20cmx22cm
  • Vampire makeup kit
    This easy to apply kit is ideal for vampires or vampiress
    NZ$ 9.90 22cmx20cm
  • Vampiress makeup tray
    Get everything you need to be a scary vampire in this fantastic kit.
    NZ$ 4.90 22cmx10cm
  • Werewolf makeup kit
    This werewolf makeup kit means you no longer need to wait for a full moon to transform into a werewolf!
    NZ$ 11.90 22cmx19.5cm
  • Zombie makeup kit
    Contains all that you will need to create the perfect Zombie look.
    NZ$ 9.90 22cmx20cm
  • Horror makeup palette
    Create any Halloween character you want with this fantastic palette of 8 colours!
    NZ$ 9.90 22cmx20cm
  • Vampire Blood
    comes with 3 life-like tattoos!
    NZ$ 4.90 22cmx10cm
  • Bloody scab 1920's gangster tattoos
    This awesome 1920s Gangster Bloody Scab Tattoo and Make Up Kit is the perfect addition to a gruesome Halloween costume
    NZ$ 4.90 22cmx20cm
  • Clown makeup tray
    NZ$ 4.90 22cmx10cm
  • Horror makeup crayons
    Create horrifying looks for the whole family with these Horror Makeup Crayons.
    NZ$ 4.90 22cmx10cm
  • Monster makeup tray
    NZ$ 4.90 22cmx10cm
  • Zipper fx kit
    Friends will zip their lip when they see such a face of horror enter the room.
    NZ$ 14.90 27cmx23cm

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